Nick has been collaborating since 2003 with Dr Jenny de Reuck, an Associate Professor and founder of the Children’s Theatre programme at Murdoch University in Western Australia. In addition to Zak Zebra’s African Safari, here are other productions for young people that feature Nick’s music. All shows written and directed by Jenny de Reuck. (Main image by EClaire Photography.)

The Secret of the Snottygobbles (2017)

Strange things are happening in the forests around Perth. The banksia candles have dimmed and the Bush Fairies that light them, Pingle, Mallee and Mouse-Ears, are very worried. Could the mischievous Snottygobbles be behind it? Or is there an even darker force responsible for the changes in the forest?

As the magic fades and the candles go out, the Bush Fairies and their friends, the Pixies and Insects, face the fact that they need to take action before it’s too late!

First performed at Nexus Theatre, Murdoch, in 2006 and again in June 2017, with the latter staging featuring original music and songs by Nick Choo.

All photos by EClaire Photography
All photos by EClaire Photography
All photos by EClaire Photography
All photos by EClaire Photography
All photos by EClaire Photography

Home At Last: A Toy’s Journey (2017)

Produced by Toybox Productions comprising a cast and crew of Children’s Theatre veterans, Home at Last is a play for children (and grown-ups!) which chronicles the adventures of soft toys Hanneen, Mous and Pauline the Porcelain Doll as they voyage far from home to a strange new land – Australia!

Inspired by the real-life stories of migrant children into Australia and the soft toys that accompanied them, Home At Last played for a limited season in Perth in April 2017 and will tour to Malaysia at the end of the year. With original music and songs by Nick Choo.


Lit By Limelight (2016/2009)(From the 2009 production)

Amelia has planned a wonderful performance for the toys in her dollhouse, but there’s something sinister outside in the Banksia garden. With the wicked Pie-Rats approaching, the toys need a hero to lead them— but all the Tin Soldiers are on manoeuvres, and only the youngest, the Little Tin Soldier, has been left behind. Who will save the day??

First performed at Nexus Theatre, Murdoch, in May 2009 and again in June 2016, featuring original score by Nick Choo.

Captain Quokka’s Adventures on the High Seas (2015/2004)

Music & lyrics by Nick Choo • Book by Jenny de Reuck

When the good ship Duyfken sinks to the bottom of the ocean with its horde of gold, the courageous Captain Quokka and his trusty sidekicks go on a mission to retrieve the sunken treasure and return it to its rightful owner. But hot on their tail is the dastardly Buccaneer Bluebeard and his nasty crew of Pie-Rats, who also want to get their hands on the gold.

Thus begins an intrepid adventure that brings the Good Creatures down to the depth of the sea, where the short-tempered and ambiguously allied sea-witch Octavia lurks. Will the treasure be retrieved from Octavia’s lair and returned to its rightful owner? Will Captain Quokka be tempted to return to the dark side? And will Bluebeard and his devilish crew succeed in pillaging and plundering their way to prosperity?


Western Australian 2nd staging June 2014 • Nexus Theatre, Murdoch, Perth • Musical arrangement & musical direction by Nick Choo • Directed by Jenny de Reuck

Western Australian premiere performances May/June 2005 • Nexus Theatre, Murdoch, Perth • Musical arrangement & musical direction by Nick Choo • Directed by Jenny de Reuck

Recording with the 2005 cast:

The Return of the Snow Queen (2015)BludgeonWally

It is many years since Gerda rescued Kai from the clutches of the Snow Queen, but she has neither forgotten nor forgiven the children for defeating her dreadful plan for global domination.

In an effort to regain her power, she has teamed up with the evil Hobgoblin to shatter the magic mirror and let Evil once more loose upon the world. They need only one final fragment for their plan to succeed, and they know in whose heart it lies hidden.

This moral fable picks up the story where the Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale left off, bringing together the creatures of the Arctic and Antarctic in a quest that ranges across the globe. As the Snow Queen’s icy grip extends north, south, east and west to Australia and beyond, it is up to Dingo Dog and her friends to rally the creatures of the earth to prevent the Snow Queen from achieving her wicked goal.

A Circus Story 02The Greatest Show On Earth: A Circus Story (2011)

Matilda and her puppets are trying to save the animals in Papa Gorgonzola’s circus from their life of misery, in this tale that takes the audience on an adventure from Italy via Africa to Kuala Lumpur!

Presented in collaboration with the Temple of Fine Arts (Malaysia) in February 2011, The Greatest Show on Earth featured an original score by Nick Choo and was performed by the entourage from Perth in Johor Bahru and Kuala Lumpur.

The Phoenix 02The Phoenix and the Fighting Pandas of Yunnan Province (2010)

There’s danger afoot on the island of Hainan in the South China Sea, and a crew of Australian animals are determined to protect the ancient Tribe of Sea Turtles. To defeat the dastardly Pie-Rats, they must summon the bravest force in China: the Fighting Pandas of Yunnan, whose martial arts skills are the stuff of legend!

This fun-filled show has a vibrant score by Nick Choo and was staged at Nexus Theatre at Murdoch University, Western Australia in May 2010, followed by a tour to Johor Bahru and Kuala Lumpur in collaboration with the Temple of Fine Arts (Malaysia).

The Captive Carousel (2008)

The carnival performers must work together to find out what devious force is destroying their home and draining all the laughter from the world.

Noble battles are fought, friends reunite, ping-pong balls are thrown, and clowns become heroes in this enchanting story about friendship, laughter, and the spirit of the carnival.

First performed at Nexus Theatre, Murdoch, in June 2008, featuring original score by Nick Choo.

Athena Emu at the Olympics (2004)Good & Naughty Animals

Athena Emu and her friends have one ambition: to compete at the Athens Olympics. But Zorba the Fox and his wicked sidekick are trying to sign them up in a sponsorship deal that will make them rich beyond their wildest dreams. Somewhere in all the hype, the original intention of the Games seems to have been lost!

First performed in May 2004 at Nexus Theatre, Murdoch, with original songs and score by Nick Choo.

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