Music by Nick Choo • Book by Scott McArdle • Lyrics by Scott McArdle & Nick Choo

For the past two years, Captain Astonishing has been protecting Destiny City’s skies from the menacing figure known as The Destroyer, and, while the city is still standing, some people have had enough. Polly, an ordinary barista, decides to stand against the super-beings.

Together with a tough-as-nails ex-cop, two loveable but excitable nerds, and a top government scientist, she puts into motion a course of events that catch the attention of the higher-ups—and we’re talking higher-than-skyscrapers high.

Extra Ordinary People is the story of ordinary people standing up against injustice, and doing it with song and dance!

Western Australian premiere performances 20-22 Nov 2014 Nexus Theatre, Murdoch, Perth • Musical arrangement by Nick Choo & Glenn Tippett • Musical direction by Glenn Tippett • Produced by Second Chance Theatre • Directed by Scott McArdle

“At [writer-director] Scott [McArdle’s] side, composer Nick Choo has put together some fantastic and entertaining songs, and the mixture of the live band and singing provided a professional level of musical theatre performance”
Praise Theatre Reviews

All photos by David Cox
All photos by David Cox
All photos by David Cox
All photos by David Cox
All photos by David Cox

Cast recording featuring members of the 2014 production:


Peter Ong sings Doing Things My Way from Extra Ordinary People, August 2015:

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