Pericles (2016)

Kings and queens, pirates and shipwrecks, mistaken identities and betrayal, lost children – and above all, love. When Prince Pericles of Tyre flees from the wrath of the King of Antioch, he sets off on a lifelong journey which will see him reach dizzying heights – and lose the very things that matter most again and again. Will the gods ultimately be kind to him? Or is he doomed to misfortune, and loneliness? This production of Pericles – performed by students of Murdoch University’s Shakespeare unit in November 2016 – was adapted and directed by Jenny de Reuck, with original songs and score by Nick Choo.

Marina Was She Called, performed by members of the cast:

The Sonnets (2003-2016)

Aaron Teoh and Adeline Teoh-Choo performing Shall I Compare Thee To A Summer’s Day (Sonnet 18) and Music To Hear, Why Hear’st Thou Music Sadly (Sonnet 8) respectively, during the concert The Epic Journey, May 2016: 

Further musicalisation of Shakespeare’s Sonnets were presented in Love & Beauty: The Sonnets of William Shakespeare, conceived and directed by Christopher Ling and staged in 2008 at the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre. A Sip of Shakespeare (2004) and Café Shakespeare (2003) were performed as student pieces at Nexus Theatre, Murdoch University, Western Australia, directed by Jenny de Reuck and David Moody respectively.

Cymbeline (October 2014)

Shakespeare’s lesser-known script about war, intrigue, deception and royalty is presented as a play with songs by students of Murdoch University’s Shakespeare unit. With original score by Nick Choo and lyrics by Sarah Courtis; adapted and directed by Jenny de Reuck.

Photos by David Cox
Photos by David Cox
Photos by David Cox

Richard III (November 2003)

A colourful, flamboyant and quirky take on the tragedy, this musical took on the dramatics and histrionics of the story of King Richard and turned it on its head by setting it in an Indian nightclub and giving it a pseudo-Bollywood, quasi-Middle Eastern Eurovision quality.

Take a synthesised sitar and shehnai, stir in some Broadway showtunes, hyper-emotional power ballads and send-ups of classic movie themes, add a nightclub baby grand and incredibly cheesy nightclub drum beats, and you get this: the Bard’s dramatic masterpiece on acid.

With original songs by Nick Choo and rearranged numbers such as Leo Reed’s Walk on the Wild Side, Richard III was performed as a student production in 2003 at Nexus Theatre, Murdoch University. Conceived, adapted and directed by Serge Tampalini.

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