Book, music & lyrics by Nick Choo

Poster FinalSix people’s lives are turned upside-down when someone near and dear to them decides to take the plunge – off the ledge of a building. Suddenly his mother, older brother, girlfriend and three friends are forced to re-examine their individual histories with the boy, in the process learning things both startling and redeeming about themselves and one another – about family and friends, love and betrayal.

The Edge is a harrowing musical that explores the complex relationships between these six persons and a young man moved to the point of despair.

Malaysian premiere performances 3-10 Nov 2013 • Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre • Presented by Monday Show Entertainment • Musical arrangement & direction by Nick Choo • Directed by Sabrina Hassan

Workshop performances 24-27 July 2008 • Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre • Directed by Christopher Ling

Awards & Accolades

11th Both Cameronian Arts Awards (Malaysia)

WON Best Musical Direction (Nick Choo) • WON Best Original Script/ Lyrics (Nick Choo) • WON Best Performer in a Musical (Tria Aziz) • NOMINATED Best Director (Sabrina Hassan) • NOMINATED Best Technical & Design • NOMINATED Best Performance by an Ensemble

“‘The Edge’ thinks out of the box, giving audiences much food for thought. It leaves them thoroughly entertained, even shedding tears of joy or sadness… a powerful play with characters that speak directly to audiences” – New Straits Times, 12 Nov 2013

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