2084 (Full-length Musical)

Music by NICK CHOO | Book & Lyrics by SARAH COURTIS

The One World Corporation has long been governing the Earth, but when its leader Roberta makes contact with someone from her past, the corporation's illusory world starts to unravel and everyone - leaders and citizens alike - struggles to navigate the imminent decline of a constructed society. 

Inspired by the classic novel 1984, this original musical conveys the dark and disturbing tale of a dystopian future as predicted by Orwell, and was commissioned as the primary creative project of Murdoch University PhD candidates Sarah Courtis and Ellin Sears.


18-20 Aug 2016, Nexus Theatre, Murdoch, Western Australia. Choreography by Ellin Sears. Directed by Sarah Courtis & Ellin Sears. Musical arrangement and direction by Nick Choo. 

All photos above by Taylor Gilbert

watch & listen

The Burning, featuring the 2016 cast

In Your Eyes, performed by Will Moriarty & Launcelot Ronzan

'Tick Tock' performed by Crenshaw Yeo

'See Me' performed by Deirdre Khoo