DAMES & DIMES (Full-length Musical)

Music & Lyrics by NICK CHOO | Book by SCOTT McQUAID

An original new musical set in 1934 on New York’s most famous street, Broadway. Two young women from out of town try to make it big on the musical stage, but they soon find out that Manhattan is a tough town. With mobsters running the entertainment industry and con artists managing talents, these girls will need more than fancy looks and vocal skills - they’ll need an ace up their sleeve. Will they ever become Broadway stars or will the law bring down the mobsters first?


29 March-7 April 2019, Cempaka International Schools, Malaysia. Produced by Cempaka Performing Arts Company (CPAC). Written and directed by Scott McQuaid. Presented by MAXIS. All pics above courtesy of CPAC.


Gabriel Tham as Jimmy the Gent

Charmaine Koh as Franky