THE EDGE (Full-length musical)


Jarod. Lilly. Deanna. Michael. Ryan. April. Six people who know Josh, an aspiring artist and a troubled young man. When Josh declares that he wishes to end his life, these six are forced to re-examine their relationships: with him, with one another, and with themselves.

THE EDGE is a dynamic original musical by Nick Choo that peers over the edge of the human condition and leaps into the complicated nature of relationships, asking questions about effect, responsibility, and ultimately forgiveness.



THE EDGE celebrated 10 years since the 2008 workshop production with a new staging by theatrethreesixty 3 to 23 Dec 2018, Lot'ng Arts Space, Subang Jaya, Malaysia. Produced by theatrethreesixty. Designed and directed by Christopher Ling. Movement by Kenny Shim. 

Photos of 10th anniversary staging (below) by Shi P'ng Ch'ng



• NOMINATED Best Musical Direction • NOMINATED Best Direction (Christopher Ling) • NOMINATED Best Set Design (Christopher Ling) • NOMINATED Best Lead Performer (Michael Chen as Jarod) • NOMINATED Best Supporting Performer (Kai Chalmers as Ryan)

"One of this year's most exciting shows ... the cast does wonderfully well in executing the whole show —  from Choo’s minimalist approach to the music that ensures the focus remains on the lyrics, the clean, clear and emotive delivery of challenging songs,  the layered acting and incredibly clever and detailed structuring of the plot progression and transition,  the restraint shown in “preaching” its themes and, most impressively, the depth found in the engaging simplicity of good storytelling ...

The Edge is one show that can go on to far bigger (or smaller) stages around the world." ~ Options (December 2018)

[O]ne of the best things about it is the music itself ... Dynamic, manic and snaky, it’s also catchy and suitably emotional at times with its non-common time signatures and tight rhythmic excursions. The combination of slow and fast numbers provided great accompaniment to the sing-song dialogue and lyrics that carried the story forward at a brisk pace and was highly engaging so as to not give a chance for the audience members’ collective minds to wander.

The smart script and witty lyrics certainly delivered an entertaining and emotional experience, considering the subject matter, which built up to a tragically satisfying ending that resulted in some teary eyes in the audience. ...

The Edge is a musical that must be watched, at least once." ~ The New Straits Times, January 2019

"I was immediately blown away (and my internal metronome constantly triggered) by the music. Nick Choo’s compositions and arrangements continued to impress me as the show went on, throwing twists, turns, and time signature changes at the most unexpected areas. His music would be what I can only describe as ‘thinking music’, as every change continuously provoked yours truly to try and understand why those changes were there ... it lent a great hand in portraying the individuality of each character and left a deep impact in me as the more I pondered on the reasons behind each change, the more sense it made.

... Highly impressed ... From the first note to the final blackout, Choo’s composition continued to defy my expectations as Ling’s and the casts’ presentation of the story and characters engulfed me with a torrent of emotions." ~


29 May to 16 June 2018, The Blue Room Theatre, Perth. Produced by Catface Productions. Directed by Levon J Polinelli. Musical arrangement and musical direction by Nick Choo.  

Photos of Perth staging (below) by Shaun Ferraloro


"An ultimately uplifting, interesting and beautiful new show." ~ Stage Whispers

"Elegantly simple, with clever and relevant music ... There is a cohesion to all of Choo's composition - a unique soundscape that threads and weaves its way through all of the characters" ~ The Fourth Wall

"A compelling story exploring the multifaceted nature of relationships and death ... Strong and well-executed ... A refreshingly honest and captivating story. 8.5/10" ~ XPress Magazine

"A powerful, no punches pulled play ... The story threads are tragic, gripping, interesting, at times hilarious and enlightening. This unusual, quality musical ... certainly demands a viewing. In time, I expect it to become a major musical." ~ Independent Theatre Association

"Nick Choo must be applauded for a wildly ambitious, heartfelt, and sensitive rendering of a very human story ... the acting requirements here are demanding with the level of emotion, sensitivity, and truthfulness required. Go see it. For the ambition. For the talent. For the emotion." ~ Perth Theatregoer

Western Australian Premiere Showreel


3-10 Nov 2013, Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre. Produced by Monday Show Entertainment. Directed by Sabrina Hassan. Musical arrangement & direction by Nick Choo.



• WON Best Musical Direction (Nick Choo) 

• WON Best Original Score (Nick Choo) 

• WON Best Performer in a Musical (Tria Aziz) 

• NOMINATED Best Director (Sabrina Hassan) 

• NOMINATED Best Technical & Design

• NOMINATED Best Performance by an Ensemble

"The Edge thinks out of the box, giving audiences much food for thought. It leaves them thoroughly entertained, even shedding tears of joy or sadness ... a powerful play with characters that speak directly to audiences"  ~ New Straits Times, 12 Nov 2013   

"Choo's beautiful contemporary score (think more Jason Robert Brown, less Rodgers and Hammerstein) was confident and musically very sophisticated, his lyrics often clever, sharp and impressively stirring ... a measure of emotional depth, musical inventiveness, thought-provoking stories, and sensitivity and respect for its subject matter ... A new height in contributing to the local and regional musical landscape" ~ We Are Malaysian Made, 7 Nov 201

'THE GREATEST MEASURE' featuring the 2013 cast


24-27 July 2008, Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre. Directed by Christopher Ling.