A young woman is unexpectedly told that she is about to have a baby... A frazzled carpenter frets over the prospect of impending fatherhood... A company of shepherd siblings yearn for something to rid them of the drudgery of watching sheep... And a trio of friends, wise or otherwise, salivate at the prospect of glory and riches they believe they deserve...

All of them on a journey towards a distant destination, guided by a suave, smooth-talking Angel and the burning light of a supernova, unaware of what lies ahead of them on this adventure beyond their wildest imaginings!

FOLLOW THE LIGHT is a musical about friendships, relationships, babies, sheep, and finding out that there just might be more to life than this. Told almost entirely through songs that range from pop and rock to R&B, funk and belt-out-loud ballad, it's a show for the whole family that's mostly based on the Christmas story!


28 & 29 Dec 2016, Playspace, Malaysia. Produced and directed by Cheryl Tan. Choreography by Seong Huixuan. Musical arrangement and direction by Joanne Ho and Loh Ui Li, based on original orchestrations by Nick Choo. 

This two-night concert was held to celebrate the 10th and 5th anniversaries of the Perth and Malaysian stagings respectively.

Part 1 of the title song from the concert staging of Follow The Light, featuring the 2015 cast; with Stephanie Van Driesen as the Angel Gabe, and James Lim as Marvin the Shepherd Boy

The zany Three Wise Men (Phraveen Arikiah, Darius Khaw & Nabilah Hamid) encounter the Angel Gabe (Stephanie Van Driesen) in this excerpt from the 2015 staging


2-10 Dec 2010, PJ Live Arts, Malaysia. Presented by Kirton Call Productions & Nick Knack Productions. Directed by Colin Kirton. Musical arrangement and direction by Nick Choo.


“The stars of the show are the highly entertaining songs and lyrics created by Choo … most are fun and memorable and the characters are a riot. Don’t expect the traditional characters from the Bible — these ones are unconventional and uproarious.” ~ The Malay Mail, 7 Dec 2010

“At turns poignant and funny, and overall enjoyable … the music and singing is what you remember the most and take with you. The sheer variety and number of songs, from gospel and ballad to rock and rap, keeps you riveted. There are touching solos and lovely duets, intricate harmonies and soaring choruses.” ~ Options @ The Edge, December 2010

“Mixing so many diverse forms of music into one show is no easy task, and Choo should be commended for having combined all these different styles into one satisfying whole. Highlights of the show were Juwita Suwito’s beautiful, tear-jerking renditions of Be It Unto Me and Beautiful Child, as well as Follow The Light,  a delightfully catchy tune that will stick in your head long after the musical is over” ~ The Star, 7 Dec 2010

'Be It Unto Me', performed by Juwita Suwito


23-26 Nov 2005, Nexus Theatre, Murdoch. Produced by Judith White & Brian Liau. Directed by Catherine Martinez & Nick Choo. Musical arrangement and direction by Nick Choo.


Special Adjudicators’ Certificate for Overall Achievement (for Construction, Music and Writing), Finley Awards for Independent Theatre, Western Australia (2005)

Second Place for Best Musical, Finley Awards for Independent Theatre, Western Australia (2005)